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Ride for Life in Paradise!

Casagua Horses offers professional Riding Lessons and packages, Horse Training, and Private Clinics on our ranch in Costa Rica.  The Painted Pony Ranch and Casagua Horses provide one of the best equestrian experiences for all riders.   Let's Ride for Life in Paradise.

Welcome to Casagua!

  A personalized equestrian experience

Horseback riding can be a life-long adventure…but learning to ”Ride for Life” should start with basics that includes not only love of horses, but respect and safety. Children, Young Riders, and Adults will be taught basic equestrian skills including Centered Riding, Horse management, and Trail Riding using Natural Horsemanship Techniques that can prepare them for any future disciplines and “Riding for Life”.

Riding for Life

Experience is the best teacher

Santiago Esteban Peraza, our trainer with a lifetime of experience, has been practicing Natural Horsemanship for over 20 years and trained scores of horses on the ranch and for clients using techniques that work. Learning from experience and some of the masters, he has evolved from a Guanacaste cowboy,  Zotecnista (farm vet), into an accomplished rider, trainer and teacher. Esteban is recognized for his love for teaching horses and their human partners. That love and patience has produced a array of excellent riding horses, Casagua Horses has been come to be known for. From basic riding skills for young riders to more disciplined, advanced riding techniques for experienced riders  such as Centered/Focused riding, a class from Esteban will improve your riding skills.

  • Boarding and training
  • Private Lessons
  • Sales and lease horses
  • Spanish, English and Western
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